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Monday, June 11, 2007

Team up for a better world!

On saturday i was invited to a really interesting dinner organized by Toni Mascaro (from www.emascaro.com) and meant to get some interesting people to together and see what explosive mix comes out.

Two social entrepreneurship project particularly struck me as interesting:

Teaming.info is an idea that is communicated over a website on which one can also download documents meant to help YOU implement it in your environment. The idea is very simple but its aggregated power might move mountains. The idea is to get people within an organisation to each donate one Euro and then collectively decide on what project the donation is spent. (One little extra value is created by having your organisation/company donate the money which gives you a good negotiation position to ask them to add at least what they save in tax reduction for the donaten) - but what am i trying to explain what it is - the idea is very well communicated at www.teaming.info

The other one is called Citta and i had the luck of sitting next to Eduardo Borés, who is Cittas Spanish director, and who could had to endure my curiousity all night long. Citta is a very small NGO that has built and is maintaining a hospital in one of the poorest regions in India (as well as some other public service institutions in India and Mexico). Citta is particularly interesting because it has virtually no administrative overhead and because it is run by people who have a very down to earth attitude to making change happen rather than talk about it. Respect!

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