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Saturday, June 16, 2007

RC helicopters

just a short one, but the gadgetmania has gotten me again. I remember about a year ago i was amazed by some 30 $ remote controled aircrafts - which then turned out to be so cheaply build that my nephew and i didn't even get it to start ;-(

So this time i plan to go the DIY way and order the serious version Walkera Dragonfly. If anybody feels like recommending other helis or do-it-yourself gadgets of that type please drop me a line. There is still time as i will not order, build and equip this flying incarnation of my childhood dreams with a mini camera etc. because as you know i will be traveling for the next few months.


Byron said...

Hey Max-
The walkera 36 that you've mentioned is a 6-channel helicopter that usually comes completely assembled (ready-to-fly or RTF). For your first helicopter I would actually recommend a 2-4 helicopter to get started, and maybe even a simulator to get the hang of things before you fly the real deal. I wrote an article explaining all the different channels here

I hope you find it useful!


Anonymous said...

The website has since been moved to:


Keidric Wong said...

Helicopter Channels Explained