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Monday, March 17, 2008

WANTED: A confederated peer online-tv

I dont have a TV for many years, and I have to say that online video has been more than a sufficient substitute for news and the occational dose of special interest videos and "funny stuff". However what i don't like is that there is no "online tv-player" (the software equivalent of that traditional single-purpose technology called TV) where i can watch all the streaming formats or at least where i can share and receive recommendations for videos in all formats. It is annoying to have a youtube favourits, some real media streams that i like, joost chanels, etc, etc.

Is there a application or site that allows me to network with my folks exclusively on video recommendations so when i sit down for a meal (which is when i get my daily dose of news and video) i can switch on my online-tv and see what you folks have been recommending?


Rolf said...

hi Max, have you tried Miro? You can subscribe to all kinds of video channels, including Youtube etc. Video is downloaded to your computer and shared (via bittorrent). So whenever I go somewhere, I always have a couple of films, presentations, documentaries on my laptop to kill time if needed :-)

regards, Rolf


Thomas Stylewalker P said...

Miro really seems to be the alternative right now that would suit the needs described. Content delivered by closed environments like Zattoo or Joost unfortunately can't be incorporated there.

Thomas Stylewalker P said...

Achso, Miro is what used to be the democracy player..

Max Senges said...

thanks guys - just installed miro - So what ?syndicator? do you use? I want to see your recommendations waiting for me - ideally in the player - best max

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