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Saturday, March 29, 2008

My web-tv channel & our video community?

some weeks ago i posted a request for recommendations for a web-tv player where one can have a list of videos recommended by my friends.

Miro seems to be the tool. I have played around with it in the last weeks and i like it.

Hence i started my video channel at video bomb which allows for direct integration into miro.

Check out and subscribe to my recommended videos feed - AND tell me about your channel so i can subscribe!

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Rolf said...

Hi Max, glad to hear you like Miro :-) I'm still looking for interesting channels myself, I don't have a personal stream, but here are some sites/channels I experiment with:

- the TED talks are usually very good to watch
- http://green.tv has various channels that you might like (environment and development)
- http://chaosradio.ccc.de has presentations from the various CCC camps (there's a channel for each congress I think)
- http://podcast.wdr.de has "radio und fernsehen zum mitnehmen"

I should start to use my video bomb account as well (rolfkleef)