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Monday, February 18, 2008

Future of the internet & social phsychology podcasts

Just came across two very good podcasts:

Ramesh Johari, assistant professor at Stanfords Engineering Department gives a highly recommened course entitled "The Future of the Internet". Considering the content of the course I dont like the title to much - he explains very well how the internet is working today and wants the students to think about questions regarding the future development of the internet. Naming issues apart, he gives a very interesting and insightful account about the internet's fundamental architecture and the inter-play of technology, policy and business in shaping this increasingly critical infrastructure. Especially lecture 3 on the economics of the internet (on the level of carriers and e.g. the niche that akamai was able to create) i felt was really good.

You can download all 6 lectures @ iTunes U and here are the
lecture notes


At Berkeley's webcast series i discovered the Social Psychology class, which proves to be an excellent introduction to the field, allowing the learner to develop a good overview of the core concepts and the main academic protagonists in the very dynamic science.

Again all lectures are available from Berkeley or @ iTunes. The lecture notes and syllabus etc. are available here (this course will run until mid-june)

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