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Thursday, May 03, 2007

SecondLife architecture interface prove of concept

Thomas a.k.a. www.stylewalker.net
just found a really cool demonstration of how to 'work around' the in-convinient and un-productive internal SL building tools.

"To make this, I used PDFs from our architects as a base to trace all the walls on 11 layers in an Adobe Illustrator file, then exported each floor as an XML-based Scalable Vector Graphics file, each of which I ran through a PHP script to extract the object info and convert it to something I could paste in a notecard. Then I made 11 objects (the little cubes in front of me in the video) that scoot themselves off to a predetermined location, spew out prims based on the notecards, and send them to their appropriate positions. The next step, is to rez this on the ground, terraform, and then texture-bake every single prim..."
Click on the image to see the really impresive video!

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