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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Second Life in 3D

just stumbled across the following news:

The University of Michigan 3D Lab has brought Second Life one step closer to real life by developing stereoscopic support for the Second Life viewer. This recent addition allows visitors wearing special glasses to see the objects of Second Life pop out of the screen similar to watching a 3D movie.

Using the recently released source code by Linden Labs, Gabriel Cirio and Eric Maslowski have developed a stereoscopic version of the Second Life viewer that works with a large-screen stereo projection system. This low-cost system uses passive stereo based on polarizing filters and was built from off-the-shelf components.

The University of Michigan 3D Lab is continuing development of their Second Life viewer, as well as other projects related to Second Life and Virtual Reality. For more information contact “um3d-secondlife[at]umich.edu” or visit http://um3d.dc.umich.edu/.

spotted the news on http://www.nmc.org/sl/2007/01/30/3d-viewer/

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