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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Something for the way - MP3's

As i love to listen to stories or lectures when i am engaging in an activity like driving, cleaning, strolling through a city, etc.. I have search and collected and heard a number of mp3's and I would like to recommend a good one:

In general, the Internet Archive is a source for mp3's and movies .There they have a section on buddhism of which i really liked some lectures e.g. Tse Chen Ling Buddhist Lectures

I would appreciate if you could post recommendations you have as comment.

There is quite a number of really weird Kafka readings on

Nachdem ich realisiert habe, dass ab diesem Punkt nur des Deutschen maechtige Besucher weiterlesen...

Der Deutschland Funk bietet sein gesamtes programm als mp3 (auch zum download) an. Was ich gemacht hab is nach interessanten und sinnvollerweise moeglichst langen beitraegen zu suchen. Ich hab da ne sammlung, die ich gerne weitergebe.

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