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Saturday, June 11, 2011

First TESLA on the road (Dreams of an internet enabled global car race)

Some years ago, when the aspiring e-Lotus-Sportscar Tesla first came out, I thought of the following marketing idea (which I still quite like and would love to see someone pursue):

1.   The product

The tesla is a revolutionary 21st century electronic car, with a body from the Italian luxury race car specialist Lotus and a uniquely powerful engine that accelerates faster than a Prosche and drives up to X km/h.

2.   The idea

Invite TESLA owners to track the roads as well as the time it took them to cover a given course and submit it to an online global database – generating a map that shows how TESLA’s are conquering the world.
This approach will:
·      Generate publicity because of it’s innovative nature and excellent conditions for social media participation. Drivers and citizen journalists can record and upload complementary footage to their “First TESLA on the road”.
·      It instigates a positive ‘can do’ attitude and bricolage towards generating maximum reach and other performance measures of the TESLA.
·      It generates publicity for each region, city and village as they produce their local “first TESLA on the road”.
·      The best pictures / videos – e.g. TESLA in Patagonia, TESLA over Monte Carlo, TESLA at the Taj Mahal – can be used for professional print and video commercials.

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