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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Modular Human Readable Privacy Policies Initiative

a multistakeholder group of privacy, internet & new media experts (including me:) are working on developing an approach to have modular human-readable privacy policies. The idea pretty much is to do what creative commons has done to copy-right -- make it possible to really easily see what is happening with your data when you sign up for a service and thereby making it a relevant business point for marketing / quality-branding / differentiator.

Please review our wiki-site, spread the word and join the team @ the privacy OS wiki!

I tried to visualize the situation:

the long term vision is to start and work with privacy - and then move to other rights like Freedom of Expression


Bjoern Lasse Herrmann said...

Why not create a browser plugin that compares the privacy policy with a existing library of must have privacy policy, normal privacy policy and be careful privacy policy. In the end it does not help me that much to read it - if I am not aware of the consequences of the privacy policy.

(Something similar like WOT ; Web of Trust)

Max Senges said...

hi Bjoern - good idea - there have been effort in this direction (called mashine readable privacy) and it is certainly an item on the list ----- just need to get it all done ;-)

Robert Bodle said...

hi max, wanted to direct your attention to these folks who seem to be doing something related, looking at P3P enabled websites: