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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Serious Times

i just met my new back country skiing partner out here at Lake Tahoe (California). What a perfect day! We did Mount Tallac (see pic) which was a relaxed 4 hours up and probably the best adrenalin-rushed powder run i had in years :-) They have a solid layer of no less than 2m of perfect snow - hmmmmmmm

Anyways, I don't wanna bother you with my miserable life. Rather i have to share THIS ABLSOLUTELY BADASS VIDEO of a guy skiing-or-better-flying down the EIGER!! 


And while i am at it. LEt me recommend two other outstanding YouTubes:

The power of ten is an amazing visualization of perspective-us-and-the-universe:

And last but not least: An awesome animation about what cyberspace does to human verbal practices:


Maria Baylac said...

La verdad muy bueno el videito de internet!!

Bjoern Lasse Herrmann said...

in the new warren miller movie they have a similar ski gliding szene.